Sunday, September 18, 2016

Back in the Bay

It's my 4th hitch with Sause and I'm back on the Cochise and bouncing around between docks here in SF Bay.  My hitch started out with a flight to Coos Bay via Seattle and Portland, and I crewed up on the Klihyam for a few days and we took the new cargo barge (Namakani) up to Portland.

Klihyam pulling the Namakani.  picture courtesy of Sause Bros.
At that point, I sat around for a few days  on the Klihyam awaiting new orders.  Then they flew me from PDX down to San Francisco to the Cochise.  Immediately after checking onboard we did a run up to Eureka, then back to Richmond, then up to Portland.

The PDX trip north was slow with 30-40 kt winds in our face for the entire leg. It pretty much sucked, but we managed to claw our way up there, unload our barge and then have a few days of downtime at the Sause docks.

Typically when I'm in PDX, I try to hang out with my good friends who transplanted up there a few years back.

So, after that short layover, we popped back down the Columbia and headed back to the Bay with an empty barge.  Now we're sitting at Pier 50 by the ballpark, awaiting our next load date over in Richmond, which will take place late tonight.  We'll load up, head to Martinez for a day, then come back to Richmond for another load and then up to Eureka.  After that, it sounds like we'll be sitting back here at Pier 50 for a few days until our next load on 10/1.  I'm should be going home shortly thereafter, so the busy schedule leading up to it will be nice and help time go quick.

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