Friday, February 13, 2015

Back At It

Well, after a wonderful month home, I'm back in WA awaiting a taxi to take me down to the yards and I'll be heading out on the Polar Viking for a 5+ week trip to Whittier and Dutch Harbor.  I'm sailing with a familiar crew, all good people and things should go fairly well.

The past month home has been awesome.  The weather has been pretty decent aside from a few rain storms, but I managed to get some good projects done around the house and spend some good time with my wife and kids.

For some reason, I decided to sell my car while I was home, so I cleaned it up and put it on Craigslist.  I've always enjoyed tinkering on cars, so my plan this year (once licensing is done), is to buy and sell a few cars in my off time for profit.  My plan is to flip a few cars and build back up to a really nice vanagon camper over the year or so.  I like cars, always have and even though the Subaru has been great, I miss the tinkering aspect of older cars.  I had quite a few inquiries on the Subie, but it didn't sell before I left, so it's still sitting in the driveway.  When I return, I plan to fix the A/C on it and repost it up for sale, however I'll be knee deep in license prep and might not have time.

I received and email yesterday that my Coast Guard License was "being evaluated".  I don't know how long the evaluation process takes, but I'm guessing a week?  I hope to hear something soon on whether or not I get approved for the license I've applied for.  Exciting times.

At any rate, my taxi is almost here, so I'm out.  See you in 5 weeks or so!