Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Change Course: new job!

I haven't written anything for a while, so I thought I'd take a minute to update anyone who might wander across my blog now and then.

The past few months have been pretty quiet. I finished up a couple hitches on a dredge job down in San Francisco and then went home for Christmas, New Years and all of January. 

I received an officially layoff in the beginning of January, which was to be expected.  I was hoping to avoid the "job hunt dance" with unemployment, but ended up having to put out some resumes and applications here and there in order to receive benefits.

In the process, I did a little networking and talking with friends in the industry and with some solid referrals, landed a job with a new company.

So, I'm currently on a plane, enroute to Coos Bay Oregon for a new-hire orientation at Sause Brothers Towing.  They do mostly cargo and petroleum barge towing up and down the West Coast and Hawaii. 

I have heard really good things about the company and am looking forward to learning more over the next few days.  The dispatcher told me to bring my gear and be ready to ship out after orientation. The typical schedule with them is 6weeks on/off steady rotation from what I've heard.  I don't yet know where, when, or how long I'm heading out on this first hitch... So let the adventure begin.  

I'll make more entries after I learn more and get my first assignment.


  1. I'm heading to an orientation on the 29th!!! How do you like it so far?

    1. William, Sause is a good company. Without knowing where you're coming from, I think you'll like it. What position are they hiring you for?

    2. Steward cook. I've been cooking professionally for 10 years and I spent four years in the Navy.

    3. Sounds good, let me know how it goes and we'll see ya on the water!

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  4. Congrats on getting picked up by Sause Bros.

  5. It sounds like it would be fun towing barges from the ocean. I'm glad you found another job until you find the one that is what you're looking for, and be safe while towing! Sounds like you'll be able to see a lot of the western seaboard with this new adventure.

    Marlon Stevens @ Invero Group

  6. Congratulations on your upgrade. I am also a merchant mariner working on my mates unlimited. Hawespiper. Sause Bros. is one of my key interests as I am happily married and living on the west coast--this makes for a better commute than Chile or Australia which I am currently doing. I am seeking shorter hitches than I would have through SIU (around 2 months max).I would be very appreciative for any information about hitch-time/ benefits etc. that you may be willing to share about your experience with SB. Feel free to email me at: shannon.zellerhoff@gmail.com
    Thank you for the blog! And fair winds to you!

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